Anatomical Models / Medical Books

For this project I looked at the methods of communicating science/ medicine through anatomical models and medical books. I found that medical books have quite an illustrative approach and anatomical models are prominently plastic, with both missing the sense of the texture of the internal body.

The installation I created in response to this was a hanging book with each sheet representing the main tissues of the body; Epithelial, Connective, Muscle and Nerve tissue. Each sheet has a subtle skin like texture, representing the internal becoming the external and what is usually hidden becoming exposed. I wanted the viewer to feel like they are taking a journey through the body, considering their own material through each human sized page.

I also took inspiration from the variety of book structures. The concertina books reminded me of the basic shape of an intestine and I decided to create a book that equalled the same length as it would be found in the body.