DNA Series

This series of work investigates both the structure of DNA and what DNA means to us.

All of the cells in our bodies are containers. These containers hold our DNA, trapping us with our genes and what makes us, us. With no way of changing our DNA, “DNA capsule” is a container acting as the cell and trapped inside is the 6 main traits that we genetically inherit with objects symbolising these traits.


DNA is a structure the majority of people will never actually see, even through it is the base material of humans and almost all other organisms. With DNA only visible under a microscope, my installation allows the viewer to explore and interact with DNA, whilst also conveying the beauty of its structure.


DNA is something that connects us to other living species. Fish are 85% genetically similar to humans, with our genes being so similar to fish that scientists are studying their genetic material to learn more about humans. To express this I looked at things we have in common (e.g. Both fish and humans eat to gain energy) and the differences between us and fish (e.g. Humans are materialistic) creating symbols for these traits through the semiotics of objects. The 3 separate clusters of objects represent our similarities, qualities only relating to fish and qualities only relating to humans. These objects are suspended in bags of water which make them appear as if they are fish swimming inside.

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